“Gaza Writes Back”: nuovi autori e autrici da Gaza, Palestina

“GAZA WRITES BACK” the Italian edition.


Lorusso Editore ha tradotto in italiano, e da poco pubblicato, la raccolta di racconti brevi Gaza Writes Back. Racconti di giovani autori e autrici da Gaza, Palestina, curata da Refaat Alareer. Il libro era uscito (in inglese) nel gennaio 2014 con il titolo Gaza Writes Back. Short Stories from Young Writers in Gaza, Palestine (Just World Books), e aveva ricevuto molta attenzione da parte di stampa e critica. 

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Hello world!

We have come to realise that it is through words and writing that the Zionist movement managed to occupy Palestine well before the actual infiltration that ended in occupying the whole land of Palestine killing and displacing millions of Palestinian unarmed civilians. So, we decided to Write Back. We endeavour to use all efforts and pens and to gather all material there is that helps promote our cause to enlighten both ourselves and all the peoples of the world.

We welcome all contributions that help support that Palestinian cause and the Gaza situation in particular. Any attempt to expose the atrocities of the Israeli occupation as well as their violation of all basic human rights is appreciated.